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2014 medica

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our company will participate in the exhibition in dusseldorf, germany in november 2014 .dusseldorf, germany, the exhibition is the world's largest and most authoritative hospital and medical equipment and supplies, professional exhibitions , organized by the german messe d��sseldorf gmbh, hold time: 12-15 november 2014 . show each year from more than 60 countries and regions, while about 5,000 enterprises in 18 pavilions in the exhibition , an exhibition area of 250,000 square meters , the audience of about 14 million people , mainly for hospital procurement personnel , traders , producers , agents , distributors, and research and development personnel , nearly 90 % of visitors are participants in the investment decisions , of which 70% are decision-makers, according to the survey results and interviews with exhibitors reported that the audience as a whole have shown the tendency of high investment .2013 , in a period of 4 days (compamed3 days) fair, exhibitors registered a total of 137,000 person- view , 4313 exhibitors showcased new products, services and technologies , advanced technologies, in particular medical devices , electrical medicine, physics medical procedures and medical information technology exhibition concept sparked intense interest in those .


electronic medical equipment and technology , laboratory equipment and first-aid equipment, diagnostic equipment , various types of medicines , biological therapy / corrective surgery , various surgical and hospital consumables, cotton and disinfection cleaning , building technology , communications technology hospital , the hospital kitchen and dining room , hospital furniture and facilities, services and publications.

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