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here comes the sharing factory.

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with the improvement of people's living standards and entering a well-off society, the national government has spared no effort to increase the investment in the medical industry. in the future, medical care for the elderly must be the top priority of the national development investment. in the following ten years, the problem of aging has become increasingly serious. in such an economic era shared by the whole people, there is a new "guide" in the medical field-the shared medical equipment factory. in the mode of sharing the factory, we "share the production capacity", and individuals or enterprises lacking production conditions and having entrepreneurial enthusiasm "endless orders" and "high-cost materials" can use the resources in the factory to produce, and the products of multiple enterprises can be produced together, thus improving the operation rate of factory equipment and the work efficiency of workers. here, the price of products is much lower than the market price. thereby greatly reducing the cost of both enterprises and factories. it can reduce the input cost as a whole, solve the problem of local resource shortage, and improve the efficiency and benefit. it is of great significance to promote the development of enterprises. shandong steve medical technology co., ltd. is located on the west side of national highway 105, no.1 zhenxing road, dewu new district, wucheng county, dezhou city, with a registered capital of 20 million yuan. the company covers an area of 33,000 square meters, with a beautiful factory environment, including 13,600 square meters of production workshops and 4 scientific research complex buildings.
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