today's cold dew, although cold dew arrives, my heart is still determined.-凯发体育在线

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today's cold dew, although cold dew arrives, my heart is still determined.

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cold dew is the seventeenth solar term of twenty-four solar terms and the fifth solar term in autumn. douzhi e; the sun reaches 195 degrees of the yellow meridian; the festival is held on october 7th-9th of the gregorian calendar every year. cold dew is the seasonal season in late autumn, and the beginning of the lunar calendar. cold dew is a solar term reflecting the characteristics of climate change. when entering the cold dew, sometimes cold air goes south, the temperature difference between day and night is large, and the autumn dryness is obvious. after the cold dew, the cold air in the north has a certain influence, and most areas in china are under the control of cold and high pressure, and the rainy season is over. from the perspective of climate characteristics, in the cold and dew season, the autumn in the south is getting stronger, cool and cool, with less rain and dryness; the vast northern region has entered or is about to enter winter from late autumn. the traditional customs of hanlu mainly include enjoying maple leaves, eating sesame seeds, eating crabs and drinking autumn tea. although the cold dew arrives, the heart is still guaranteed. may the hardships you have experienced. at this moment, they are all turned into the power to move forward bravely. we set off again with hope. engage in a busy and fulfilling life. run to the beautiful and bright distance.
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