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our company successfully registered medical ice bag products.

2021/9/17 14:48:24 click:570
on the basis of producing class ii and class iii equipment, our company further applied to register class i products, and successfully registered medical ice bag products in august 2021. the product specifications are as follows: 6*7cm 15g, 12*7cm 50g, 19*7cm50g, 19*14cm 100g, 19*21cm 150g, 19*28cm 200g, 19*35cm 250g, 37*7cm 100g and 38*14cm 200g. the medical ice bag is composed of an ice bag, an outer jacket and a fixing belt. the ice bag is filled with a cooling substance, which is mainly used for physical antipyresis of human body and cooling of specific parts of the body surface, and is only used for non-conforming soft tissues.
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