in the autumn of 2021, the youth league was successfully completed.-凯发体育在线

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in the autumn of 2021, the youth league was successfully completed.

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after the vigorous summer, it ushered in a bumper harvest in autumn. in order to improve the cohesion and centripetal force of steve's medical team, on the morning of september 12th, the company organized all employees to participate in hiking activities in jinan canglong waterfall. this youth league building activity not only enables everyone to quickly integrate into steve's big family and find a sense of collective belonging, but also allows everyone to relax themselves in busy work and enhance their feelings and tacit understanding. this youth league building activity not only exercises the physical quality of employees, but also enhances the friendship between colleagues. let everyone get in touch with nature, breathe clearer air, and experience the joy of sports and the enrichment of life. team cohesion and cooperation spirit have been further strengthened, and everyone has indicated that they will bring passion and perseverance in activities to their work and actively contribute their own strength to steve's development. and i believe that under the leadership of the company leaders, the brand of steve will become bigger and stronger!
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