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why is the price of silica gel high? it's time to interpret!

2021/9/8 19:15:17 click:464
recently, silicone is very popular, especially in the stock market, so it doesn't need to buy hot search, and it ranks high in the top of the list every day, basically in the bully screen mode. most of the manufacturers in silicone do not report the closed offer, and a few quotation enterprises also supply in limited quantities. with regard to the current soaring market in silicone, we can look at it in a big environment. not only in silicone, but also in all raw materials and bulk commodities, the key words are "going up, going up, going up", and not just going up a few points, but going up by tens or even over 100%. in fact, the reasons for the price increase are nothing more than these. the first is-imported inflation. international commodities represented by crude oil have not only commodity attributes, but also financial attributes. from the perspective of liquidity, loose monetary environment is one of the necessary conditions for the rise of commodity prices. historically, the three rounds of crude oil price increases in 2007-2008, 2009-2011 and 2017-2018 were inseparable from the relatively loose monetary policies of major economies. the popular saying is that the global currency is greatly released, and the united states is printing money wildly, so the money is worthless. after 2008, china's money delivery mode changed from foreign exchange-dominated to central bank's active delivery, and the central bank's ability to control liquidity was enhanced. china's m2 has started to show a large growth rate, and the money supply in the whole market has exceeded 200 trillion yuan at present. secondly, "mismatch between supply and demand" provides a driving force for the rise of commodity prices. from the perspective of epidemic control and economic recovery, the situation of epidemic prevention and control and the level of economic recovery are different in different countries, and the key to this problem lies in the unbalanced vaccination. however, the supply of bulk commodities mostly comes from emerging market countries. due to the shortage of vaccines, the epidemic situation in emerging market countries has rebounded from time to time. for example, chile, a big resource country, closed its border from april 5 to may 1 this year because of the severe epidemic situation, which further affected the international commodity supply. therefore, the imbalance between supply and demand of commodities caused by the unbalanced global epidemic prevention and control situation is the main driving force for the further price increase of commodities. china's global resource acquisition capacity is insufficient. with the gradual stabilization of the epidemic situation in china, the market demand has begun to recover, which leads to the situation that the supply is in short supply, and the price increase of raw materials is inevitable. facing the menacing price increase tide, the downstream industry had to make a price adjustment notice in order to pass on the cost and increase the profit. as a production enterprise, when we receive new orders, we first confirm the fluctuation trend of raw material prices and whether the supply of raw materials is stable, and then judge whether it is necessary to adjust the quotation or shorten the quotation period, and will not blindly adjust the price.
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