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my company won the dezhou recognition of hi-tech enterprises

2019/1/11 15:06:55 click:2163
dezhou has announced the recognition of hi-tech enterprises list, my company on the list, through dezhou recognition of hi-tech enterprises, won
"municipal high and new technology enterprise" honorary title.
my company with high proportion of r&d investment, outstanding product innovation ability, excellent achievement transformation ability, perfect regulation system, etc
the cognizance of comprehensive strength for dezhou high-tech enterprises.
my company was founded in 2011, set up over the years has always been focused on medical equipment product research, production, study and research, with the integration of development
landscape. as learning new and high technology enterprise, our company especially attaches importance to talent introduction and training, and shandong medicine food vocational college cooperation, joint
trained personnel in internet technology, common to complete the project development of science and technology, has achieved ce, such as the cfda product certification.

through the recognition of hi-tech enterprises, but also fully embodies the our company in the industry leading position.

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